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Point of Order Productions

Point of Order Productions Sports Reel

I was the lead shooter for a kids' sports TV show. This footage is representative of the series as a whole and reflects nearly all the sports we filmed.

I'm not a huge sports fan, so my goal for these shoots was to capture footage that is instantly exciting and interesting to anybody - no matter if they have an interest in the sport or not.

Also, it must be said that the kids in this video are amazing. All are under 12, and many are nationally-ranked Olympic hopefuls. My kudos to all of them for the effort they put into training and practicing, sometimes everyday of the week.

Sports Table of Contents:
BMX - 00:27
Golf - 00:31
Dirt Bikes - 00:35
Skating - 00:49
Tennis - 00:56
Boxing - 01:03
Rock Climbing - 01:19
Fencing - 01:33
Gymnastics - 01:48
Racing - 02:02